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MOD POST So this is the new year...

Welcome back and happy new year! I know its been a while, I know its been a long while. Things are going to get better. I just re-did the layout for the comm so its updated for 2008. Next I will announce the winners from challenge #13. Then I shall set up the poll for icon of the year 2007.

After I get all of that accomplished I will post the next challenge.

I started my job back in September and since then I've had hardly any time for activities outside of sleeping/working. Now that will change because I have a few days off. I hope that you will continue to support this community into the new year.

Thanks for your support (I hope),

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Mod Post

I'm so sorry that this comm has been inactive for so long. I'm going to try to get it back up and running in time to post a new challenge on Thursday, 12/6, a week from today. By then, I should have some more spare time to post challenges, seeing as the major paper I'm writing for my chemistry class will be done with and NaNoWriMo will have finally relinquished control of my life.

Updates to come!

Your apologetic mod,
i have to go, scott

Challenge #13 Poll

Thank you everyone for making so many icons for this challenge. We have a total of 32 entries! Wow!

This poll is a little different because we have categories such as best cropped, best colored, best effects, mods choice & members choice.

So there is a chance for everyone to be a winner. Good luck!

Winners banners for Challenge #12 will be posted by midnight tonight. Challenge #14 will be posted as well.

This poll is open until the next challenge ends.

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Challenge Reminder

Just here to remind everyone that Challenge #13 ends on Sunday.

As of now we have ONE member who has entered icons. We need more people to enter.

Click HERE to enter.

And I'd like to make a note. One rule of the challenge has been changed. You can now submit icons that use the same picture twice. You know if you make one but you made another with the same pic, enter both! Its fine.

If we don't have enough entries by Sunday then the challenge will be extended until the premiere. That would be October 4th.

Thanks for your time.

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Challenge #13

Woo hoo! Yes its back, another challenge!

This is a very special challenge because it will feature ALL of the new promo pics. You can choose any of them to make up to 11 icons. Yes thats right I said ELEVEN! I said it was special. ;)

This special challenge is for the new season of Criminal Intent that starts October 4th on USA.

So go ahead, pic your pics, make your icons and have some fun!

Challenge Starts: September 16
Challenge Ends: September 23 @ midnight

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i have to go, scott

Challenge #12

Hey it's your most hated mod here to give you the twelfth challenge. Hot off the production line here it is:

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Challenge Starts : August 7th
Challenge Ends: August 14th

End date is subject to change due to insufficient entries or other unforeseen circumstances.