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Law & Order: Criminal Intent Icon Challenge
Recent Entries 

I just realized that I never posted the banners for Challenge #10, so here they are. Congrats to the winners!

And here are the icons to vote for Challenge #11. Pick your two favorite icons.

Challenge #12 is coming soon.
mcr danger
25th-Jul-2007 01:40 pm - Challenge #11 Extension
I was going to post a new challenge yesterday, but as you all probably already know, LJ was down for a good portion of the day. Instead, I'm going to extend the deadline of our current challenge to Tuesday, July 31. We only have two entries right now, so get cracking!


P.S. Merry Christmas in July!
homer cigarettes
18th-Jul-2007 07:50 pm - Challenge #11

Forgive my tardiness. My internet is still on the fritz and wasn't working yesterday. XI Because it's a day late, this challenge will end Wednesday, July 25 at midnight.

I'm hoping for lots of entries for this challenge!

Your lovely co-mod,

P.S. We don't have enough votes to declare a winner for challenge #10, so please keep voting! I'll keep the poll open until Tuesday, so go here to pick your favorite.
homer cigarettes
14th-Jul-2007 11:31 pm - Challenge #10 voting
Sorry this wasn't posted on Tuesday. My internet's been spotty at best all week.

We only had two people enter for a total of six icons this challenge. C'mon, people, step it up! This comm can't work if we don't get more entries. I'm going to post the next challenge on Tuesday, and I hope we get a lot more entries for 11 than we did for 10.

homer cigarettes

Here they are, the banners for challenges 8 and 9. Congrats to all the winners!

Since we only had one person enter challenge #10, the deadline has been extended until Tuesday, July 10. Get cracking! :)

homer cigarettes
20th-Jun-2007 10:27 pm - Challenge #10
We've made it to our 10th challenge! I want to thank you all for being so patient with us while we work out the kinks in the community.

So, here are the caps for challenge #10. I'm going to be on vacation next week, so this challenge will close Tuesday, July 3, at midnight.

Remember, you have two weeks for this challenge, so there's no rush.

homer cigarettes
20th-Jun-2007 10:07 pm - Challenges #8 and 9 Voting
This week, we're going to try out a new voting system. Every icon will have a number. To vote, leave a comment with the numbers of your three favorites.

Challenge #10 will be posted shortly.

homer cigarettes
12th-Jun-2007 07:46 pm - Continuation of Challenge #9
Since we only had one person submit icons, I'm extending the deadline for challenge #9 instead of posting a new one. The new deadline is Tuesday, June 19 at midnight, so get cracking! :)

5th-Jun-2007 08:03 pm - Challenge #9

Sorry for the very very very long gap between challenges. I was out of town last week on family business, so I wasn't around to post. This challenge will end Tuesday, June 12 at midnight. Thank you all for being so very patient with us!

P.S. Does anyone know of a great source for caps? The one we usually use has been taken down.
not solving crime
29th-May-2007 05:25 pm - Challenge #6 and #7 Banners
Here are the much awaited banners for the sixth and the seventh challenge. Please let me know what you think. Enjoy!

Also the 8th challenge poll is coming shortly with a new voting method. Look for that.

Challenge #6 BannersCollapse )

Challenge #7 BannersCollapse )

-mod squad
i have to go, scott
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